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2012-03-07 02:27:05 by XRoadKillX


Here's the deal.

2011-07-12 01:28:00 by XRoadKillX

I'm pretty much done with Newgrounds. Done with flash, and for what matter, done with Madness in general. I visit this place once a day at best. So no, there will be no more scene creators, no more collabs, no more project announcements that never actually come out. I'm deeply sorry if I'm letting anyone down (and I know I am) but scene creators as piss-easy to make. I'm sure one of you can do it.

So yes, consider this my good-bye post. If you wish to contact me, the best way to do so is through Steam. Seeing as how I'm on there almost every hour of every day, you shouldn't have a problem reaching me. My steam profile is

Finally, many of you have been sending me messages asking about how I make these scene creators, so heres my guide:

Step 1: Have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

Step 2: Know how to find and save files on web pages.

Step 3: Save my Madness 6.5 Scene Creator .swf file.

Step 4: Open the file in Flash.

Step 5: Copy the scripts in the objects and paste them onto your movie clips.

*Step 0: Have basic knowledge of Flash.

Here's the deal.


2011-06-04 23:49:19 by XRoadKillX

I'm not.


2011-03-07 05:24:05 by XRoadKillX




2011-01-29 00:37:56 by XRoadKillX

Bye bye

I hope to get Flash soon...

2009-10-29 02:09:19 by XRoadKillX

... and once I do you should expect much from me.